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Olivia Benish Artist 

Fourth grade students were introduced to mixed media collage through the work of Romare Bearden and  Michel Keck. Next students discussed self-portraits and were given the opportunity to explore and use a wide array of materials to create their work of art.

See this lesson plan here.

Students work independently on phase two of the batik fabric project. First using glue (as opposed to the traditional method of wax) to create patterns and shapes the color will resist then students fill in the spaces in between with watered down acrylic paint(in place of dye).

Various slates painted by Newfound Memorial Middle School students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th for the local public Minot-Sleeper Library.  See lesson plan here

Community Artwork


Inside-Out Collaged Self Portrait

A student displays Inside-Out Collaged Self Portrait.  Students worked in teams to trace their profiles using a light projector then completed the portrait using water colors and magazine clippings in which they identified with personally.

Cool Color Landscapes

Sixth grade students create cool color landscapes using acrylic paint after discussing warm and cool colors and the elements of a landscape such as the horizon, foreground, middle ground, background and perspective. 

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